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Lil Bub’s Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet

Lil Bub

The world’s most inspiring cat finally has her own book! Lil Bub’s Lil Book chronicles internet sensation Lil Bub’s adventures in adorableness, both on her home planet Bub Ub Bub and here on earth with her human and feline friends. Guaranteed to keep you smiling from cover to cover. 

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The Photographed Cat: Picturing Human-Feline Ties, 1890-1940

Arnold Arluke and Lauren Rolfe

Featuring fascinating vintage photos and interesting cultural insights into the history of cats, this beautiful book takes a historical, photographic look at the evolving relationship between humans and felines from 1890 to the 1940s, providing an illuminating portrait of how our cats transitioned into the friends we know today.

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Henri, le Chat Noir: The Existential Musings of an Angst-Filled Cat

William Braden

Ennui, melancholy, and world-weariness are just a few of the words that describe Henri le Chat Noir’s outlook. Lucky for us, he brought all his existential angst to bear on this book. Juxtaposing gorgeous cat photos with Henri’s trademark reflections, this charming and funny book would make a great gift for the cat-loving philosopher in your life.

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Buster and the Magic Star

Robert Chadwick

In weaving the fascinating history of how cats and humans became domestic partners into a fictional narrative about a cat searching for a way back home, this sweet and winning book combines fact and fiction for a truly delightful and compelling read. Loved it!

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The Secrets of Lost Cats

Dr. Nancy Davidson

Part personal memoir, part therapeutic guide for people who have lost their precious pets, The Secrets of Lost Cats explores our incredibly powerful relationship with our feline friends. The book chronicles 20 different “Lost Cat” posters, delving into the stories behind each of them and the unique bond between the missing pet and worried owner. An examination of love, loss, recovery, and everything in between that anyone with a cat will relate to.

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The Natural Cat

Anitra Frazier with Norma Eckroate

Originally published in 1981, this newly revised and updated version of The Natural Cat, the beloved book of natural cat care, contains a fountain of information that builds on the strength of the original. From guidelines for ideal diet to advice about behavioural problems to a breakdown of common health problems, this book has it all. Required reading for all cat lovers!

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The World According to Bob

This follow-up to James Bowen’s worldwide smash hit, the bestselling memoir A Street Cat Named Bob, recounts Bob and James’ transition from their former lives as a homeless drug addict and street cat companion to celebrated writer and his famous cat. Bob remains by James Bowen’s side, providing love, loyalty, support, and happiness, as they adjust to their new found success and celebrity. A heartwarming read for any cat lover, this book delights with its retelling of Bob and James’ unlikely ascendency and real life happy ending.

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Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too: A Guidebook for Men and Their Cats

Michael Showalter

Here’s one for all the awesome guys who love cats. And if you are new to becoming a cat gentleman, there’s finally a handy guide just for you! Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too: A Guidebook for Men and Their Cats is a hilarious look at the much-underestimated bond between men and the cats they love. In answering burning questions like “They hate me, right?” this book will help any man become closer to his fabulous feline.

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Learning the Secret Language of Cats: A Vet’s Translation

Dr. Carol Teed DVM

Years of feline veterinary practice has given Dr. Carol Teed a deep understanding of cat behaviour and how we as cat’s caretakers can better take care of our dear friends. Throughout her book she advocates for care of the body-mind-soul connection. Her philosophy is based in the desire to understand our feline companions and support them in all of the ways that they need in today’s modern environment.  She relays her experiences with humour and intelligence, giving the reader the tools and skills they need to give their cat the best possible life.