Fool's Moon

Charged with divining the truth about a murder, tarot shop owner Ruby Sparks and her menagerie of special pets -including sibling cats with a talent for tarot cards- finds herself in mortal danger in the process. Will Ruby, with the help of her animal friends, be able to solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim?
A Cat’s LegacyIn A Cat’s Legacy, Dulcy, a wise feline who found bliss with a human, and Dee, that lucky human, offer the readers—be they cats or their companions—twelve habits that when followed assure bliss in any relationship.


Gem Bem

Does your child love captivating mysteries? GemBem and the Mystery of the Ball of Branches is a beautifully illustrated must-read, encompassing both animal facts and values of true friendship and community. Great for ages 9-12.


Secret Language of CatsThe Secret Language of Cats explains how you can understand what your cat is trying to tell you — and how you can talk back.


A Cat’s Life: Dulcy’s StoryA Cat’s Life is the powerful and perceptive story of the life of a beloved cat—told from the cat’s point of view. “On a late winter day in 1972, a cat soon to be named Dulcy finds a woman worthy to be her human, with whom she will live for seventeen-and-a-half years…”

Sylvia's BigAdventure

Sylvia’s Big Adventure will astound you, keep you in suspense and delight your sense of humour and compassion. It’s a story readers young and old will enjoy for generations! Order from 

Fur & Purr showcases the best humour about cats from Dave Barry, Ellen DeGeneres, Sarah Silverman, The New Yorker, The Onion, and many more. Plus hilarious tweets from people like you!
Nine LivesThe Gift of Nine Lives humorously divulges the saga of the ancient history of felines. Its tongue-in-cheek plot moves from the domination of cats in primeval times to a reactionary canine insurgency and thence to the life story of the feline whose good news liberated cats from their woes.


My Life in a Cat House

The bond between human and cat can be mysterious, joyful, and transformative for both parties. No one illustrates this better than Gwen Cooper, who highlights the adventures of her fur family in her latest memoir. My Life in a Cat House features eight short stories full of friends, felines, and affection, and will have you holding your own furry companion close.