Love Saves the Day

We found this unforgettably moving story about a brown tabby named Prudence a hard one to put down. Told primarily through Prudence’s innocent and gentle voice, the story begins when she’s just five weeks old and found at a deserted construction site in Manhattan by a woman named Sarah. Prudence knows she’s found the woman she’s meant to adopt. For three years they live a blissful life together, until the day that Sarah doesn’t come home and Sarah’s estranged daughter Laura comes to take Prudence to live with her. The story that unfolds tells of a broken relationship between mother and daughter and how this devoted cat makes Laura whole again. Alternately hilarious then tear inducing, this is a novel for anyone who’s ever lost a loved one, wondered what their cat was really thinking, or fallen asleep with a purring feline nestled in their arms. New York Times bestselling author Gwen Cooper has crafted an unforgettable tale that will steal your heart.—CW

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