Private Eyes

Join Moose, a plucky Australian Terrier, in a race against the clock as he tries to save his best friend, a Pit Bull named Killer, from being wrongly convicted and euthanized for the grisly death of his girlfriend. With zero leads and time running out, Moose has no one to turn to but Antonio Gattogrosso, the infamous Maine Coon cat private investigator known as Fat Tony.
Moose and Tony are joined by cats and dogs alike as they traipse across Chicago in search of evidence to free Killer. Breed and species stereotypes are challenged in this quirky tale that is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat—sometimes in suspense and other times in laughter! This mystery is a fast-paced romp with so many unique and well-rounded characters, you’ll forget they are all animals—we know we did!

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