Walter Chandoha

The Cat Photographer

Long before the days of Instagram and Buzzfeed there was one man bringing cats to stardom: Walter Chandoha. With a commercial animal photography career that began in the 1950s, Chandoha’s highly influential photographs of cats have been featured in the pages and on the covers of countless publications, including National Geographic and Life magazines. The collection of gorgeous, captivating portraits in this overdue book showcases 50 of Chandoha’s best cat images, from the fluffiest to the adorably grumpiest, all bearing Chandoha’s signature approach of clean, coloured backdrops and glamour backlighting, a look much copied today. An interview with Chandoha (now 96!) follows the collection, offering insight into his life and work, as well as tips on taking the perfect shot. This stunning photo-book is a must-have. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend while you're at it!

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