April 1, 2017


A high-end spa in Italy debuted their newest beauty treatment backstage during Fashion Week Italiano and it was a cat-tastic success! The world’s most famous cat sanctuary can be found in the ancient ruins of Rome and the Faccia di Gatto Spa is putting the stray cats to work. The Papillae Exfoliation Treatment uses the tiny, backwards facing barbs on a cat’s tongue to slough off dead skin and reveal fresh cells. “It’s like, how you say, sandpapering a wall before you paint” explains Fabia Soriano, the head esthetician. Apparently, the cats enjoy the salty taste of their client’s complexions while the customer's radiant skin attests to the effectiveness of the treatment. With an added bonus of both cat and client enjoying a purr-fect hour of relaxation, this could be the next cat café.




Happy April Fool's Day!