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Japanese Bobtail

An ancient breed native to Japan

By: Kelly Caldwell


The Japanese Bobtail is an ancient breed that is native to the islands of Japan, where records suggest they arrived about 1000 years ago from China. Legend has it that, in the 1600’s, the silk trade was in crisis due to damage from rats. In came the Japanese Bobtail, who saved the day (and the silk). The breed was let loose on the streets to take out the rodent infestation. The Japanese Bobtail is regarded as a lucky breed of cat that brings good fortune to its owner. 


The tail on a Japanese Bobtail is very unique and resembles that of a bunny tail due to a natural genetic mutation. This breed of cat has back legs that are slightly longer than their front legs, giving the look of a very muscular cat. Their eyes tend to be more oval than round, and are usually a shade of gold or aqua (sometimes one of each!). The colouring of these cats ranges from cat to cat, but they generally have white fur and a calico pattern (Mi-Ke in Japanese). 


The Japanese Bobtail is a great well-rounded breed for a first time cat owner. They tend to be very loving and affectionate, with few health issues and easy grooming. Japanese Bobtails are very social cats, and love being in the company of people. They get along great with other animals, and are not afraid or timid when around dogs. They prefer to be around other Japanese Bobtails, but nonetheless get along with other cat breeds.

A key characteristic of the Japanese Bobtail is their intelligence. You will often find them playing with toys and even learning tricks and playing fetch. Owners of of this breed are encouraged to mentally challenge and stimulate their Japanese Bobtail. This can be done by having them play with different toys and puzzles and teaching them new commands. The Japanese Bobtail will learn its own name, and respond to it, similar to a dog. This is a very vocal cat known for its pleasant songlike voice, which it uses frequently. 


Do you have a Japanese Bobtail or are interested in getting one? Let us know in the comments down below!

Japanese Bobtail cat sitting on ground

Polpetta submitted by Renata Tufano Ho

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