We are LOVING Bruce and Fox Designs variety of catnip toys! Every toy is handmade and filled with love and catnip!

The toys are filled with a potent blend of catnip and all-organic silvervine, which appeals to a wider variety of cats as compared to just straight catnip. It is sure to please any feline!

Each toy comes in unique and fun patterns. There are a lot of shapes and styles to choose from such as a heart shape, kickers, and the classic mouse.

While none of the toys are indestructible, the fabric is durable and will last for a long time to allow for maximum play fun for your kitty!

Each toy is also made in the USA and come from a smoke-free home, so it’s safe for your kitties to play with and you will love watching them have the time of their lives with their new toy!              – KD


Photo Cred: Bruceandfoxdesigns Instagram