Whenever we get into the car to go to the vet or to the cat sitter, our Cordelia’s stress levels immediately shoot through the roof. (In fact, she’s been known to hiss at her carrier whenever we get it out.) Our top tips after years of getting her to the vet in one piece?  Let everything be relaxed – try spraying some Feliway in the carrier, and make sure you have a comfortable, quality carrier, like the Sturdibag, that kitty can stand up and turn around in.  We also find it important that we stay with our cat the whole time, providing lots of loving pets and speaking to her in a low voice. Since we live in a big city, we actually take a pet-friendly taxi cab to the vet’s office – this means that we can stay with our cat the whole time. This might not be practical for you, so make sure the carrier is secure in the event of an accident. Remember to pack some delicious, high-value treats and water, especially for long trips or hot days – include a collapsible bowl, like those from Popware for Pets, to make it easy for your cat to partake.