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The Cat With 1.4 Million Followers

Blue eyes, fluffy cheeks, and a great personality: White Coffee Cat, a crazy-adorable, cancer-surviving cat, is way more popular than pretty much everyone you know

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Though we’ve introduced you to Pookie Methachittiphan before, it’s her cat, Nala, you’re likely familiar with. Nala has even appeared on the cover of this magazine. Well, it seems super-cuteness and Instagram stardom run in the family—Pookie’s second cat, White Coffee Cat, is now taking Instagram by storm, too, and landed this issue’s cover. Get ready for a double dose of adorableness.

An inauspicious beginning…
Pookie adopted Coffee, then five months old,  from a friend who was no longer able to keep him. It was to prove a fortuitous move for them both. When Coffee joined the family, Pookie and her sister Ping started an Instagram account for him, too, and being feline-roommates with Nala, he quickly built a huge following. It was this online community that would ultimately help save him, contributing funds to cover his medical expenses when he was soon diagnosed with cancer.

Pookie and Ping found two symmetrical lumps on Coffee’s body while brushing him. They took him t0 the vet the very next morning, where x-rays showed evidence of two enlarged kidneys. Further testing and an ultrasound indicated that Coffee was positive for kidney lymphoma.

“The beginning of this journey was extremely heartbreaking,” Pookie recounts. “Coffee became very sick just one day after the diagnosis. He didn’t show too many signs prior as we received a diagnosis quickly. We took him to see an oncologist immediately and started his first round of chemotherapy that same day.”

His first two chemotherapy sessions made him nauseous and “it was very hard to see him so sick,” Pookie shares. They considered quality of life over quantity, and made a family agreement to continue with the chemo and do whatever they could to make him as comfortable as possible. They gave him fluids and anti-nausea medications regularly. Then he lost his appetite so they gave him a medication to increase his appetite. The medications helped so they continued weekly chemotherapy for three months before transitioning to every other week. Coffee’s final rounds of chemotherapy were given to him once a month. And then the moment of truth… after completing the chemotherapy program, his oncologists informed them that there were no signs of cancer!

“The amazing staff at California Veterinary Specialist held a graduation ceremony for Coffee to celebrate his remission. We beat cancer because we didn’t give up, we put full trust in CVS, and we remained positive even when our hearts ached,” Pookie says.

“Early detection saved Coffee’s life,” she continues. “Always take your furry friends to the vet regularly for wellness examinations. You have to get to know your furry friend’s body—brush them regularly so you can feel if something has changed. Try your best to stay positive and reach out for support.”

For Pookie and Ping, their support group included Coffee’s many fans. “They’ve been so good to our family. Without his fans we don’t think we would be able to save him,” Pookie says, acknowledging the outpouring of positive messages and financial contributions that helped make Coffee’s cancer treatment possible.

To pay it forward, Pookie and Coffee work with Kitten Rescue and Milo’s Sanctuary and Pookie hopes “to someday start a non-profit to assist other kitties in need of chemotherapy.”

“Coffee has taught us about strength and unity,” she continues. “He showed us how social media can bring the world together for a common purpose and taught us how love can break down barriers.”

A Day In The Life of a Celebrity Cat
“We are lucky that we work from home so we get to spend time with our cats all day,” Pookie shares. “We feed them breakfast at 6 a.m. then they get to have treats around 10 a.m., lunchtime at noon, afternoon snack around 3 p.m. then dinner around 6 p.m. They get their playtime and cuddle time all day. Sometimes we think we spoiled them too much!”

And now for the important stuff…

White Coffee Cat’s Favourite Toy:
The Cat Catcher

Favourite place to sleep:
In bed with mom or up high on his Kitty Mansion.

I loaf you!

Anything else you’d like to add?
→  He’s very good at catching a fly.
→  When people come visit Coffee at home, he always hides. But if we go out to see people, Coffee will be very nice and will let other people hold him.
→  Coffee likes to see himself in a mirror.

White Coffee Cat’s Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Posts!

#1 Kiss me please! I’m doing fine… Meowing all night just to get pet by my hooman

#2 Happy #nationalhugday

#3 When I was a kitten

#4 Ready to attack!

#5 How do you like my big cotton paws? #throwback

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