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Is your cat as cozy as you are? At The Cat Ball®, we believe your cat should be just as cozy as you and our unique Cat Ball cat bed will help your cat snuggle in style.

Whether your cat is looking for a fort to lounge in, a hiding place for a game of hide and seek, or a launch pad for surprise attacks, the Cat Ball has your cat’s back, literally!

Discovered by chance, the Cat Ball’s founder Jennifer Schmidt – who was in the midst of her career as a costume designer – began molding an idea that would improve the lives of kitties worldwide. While developing a costume for a soccer team’s mascot, Schmidt realized an opportunity to offer cats of all breeds flexible, supportive comfort. This idea came to life with the Cat Ball® cat bed

This hexagonal safe haven is well loved by cats and critters alike. Pet owners have even taken a keen liking to the Cat Ball cat bed for its stylish charm. How exactly has the Cat Ball created such diversity and hype around their product line, you might ask? The Cat Ball offers ever-changing trendy fabric designs to provide exclusive, limited products. The fabric designs might match the seasons, the holidays or even offer wit. The company’s clever quirkiness has even led to a special edition Great White Shark Cat Ball®, providing comedy for pet owners. It’s safe to say that this pet product is both unique and fun. Their passion for creating high quality products and an outstanding customer experience has resulted in consistent five-star feedback.

Looking to learn more or purchase a Cat Ball® cat bed for your critter? Visit us at or find us on Facebook (TheOriginalCatBall), Instagram & Twitter (@thecatball).   

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