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Cat Gifts for Health & Wellness

Grooming and wellness products to keep your kitty healthy and happy during the holidays.

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Pet Care Banixx

Ear infections, Ringworm, or Rashes making your Cat/Kitten miserable? Get rapid relief with Banixx Pet Care! It’s non-toxic, has no clinical smell, safe around the eye. Delivers Real Results. banixx.comEco Farm To Box Cat Litter

Eco Farm to Box Cat Litter® is made of locally sourced, sustainably farmed wheat and rye that is biodegradable with fully recyclable packaging. One bag reduces CO2 emissions by 69%.

Fur-Zoff Remove Pet Hair

Whether it’s your car, couch, or carpet, Fur-Zoff patented recycled material will quickly remove pet hair from the fabrics of your life! Works for all types of pet hair.

HandsOn Gloves#1 ranked, multi-award winning, HandsOn Gloves are the revolutionary all-in-one shedding/bathing/grooming gloves. Animal preferred for the loving HandsOn massage. HandsOn is changing the way we bather, de-shed, and groom all our animals. Forever.

Instachew Purrclean Smart Litter Box

Say goodbye to scooping with Instachew’s Purrclean Smart Litter Box, which comes with automatic cleaning, safety sensors, odour control, and scheduled scooping through the Instachew Infinity App.

J.R. Liggett Cat Shampoo

Cats and kittens require a gentle all-natural, non-detergent shampoo. J.R.Liggett’s Sensitive Cat Shampoo contains almond oil, hemp oil, and neem oil and no fragrance or tea tree oil to give cats soft, healthy, beautiful hair!

Naturecan Pets CBD Oil for Cats

Our award-winning CBD oil for cats is formulated by vets and is the perfect way to improve your cat’s wellness. Our blend of CBD & CBDA isolate may help your cat with pain, joint issues, anxiety, and inflammation. Help your feline friend live their best life!

NanoScent PetnanoScent PET is a revolutionary, touch-activated pet perfume and conditioner. Made with beneficial ingredients that are nourishing, conditioning, and shine-inducing, it can be used immediately after bath or as an in-between deodourizer!


Next Gen Timber Fresh, Green Tea Fresh, Cypress FreshNext Gen Pet Products ARE truly functional, effective, and earth friendly! With Next Gen Pet Products, you no longer need to sacrifice product performance to respect nature and the environment!

Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive and Gel Toothpaste for Cat Gifts for Health & Wellness Gifts

Our dental care kit for pets features our top-selling Pet Dental Water Additive alongside the Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste plus easy-to-use finger brushes. Hello, fresh breath & clean teeth!

Paw Print Genetics Cat Scan

Gain insight into your cat’s genetic health with Neogen’s My CatScan, the largest and most accurate feline genetic screen. Test for more than 80 diseases and traits commonly found in cats.


Leo Loo Too Cat Litter Box

Leo’s Loo Too is a smart self-cleaning litter box with advanced features like Google and Alexa voice controls, a connected mobile app, triple-layer safety protection, UV light sterilization, and

Wee Kitty® Bamboo Odor Control Litter

Wee Kitty® Bamboo Odor Control Litter is made with sustainable bamboo fibers and charcoal-infused pellets that trap ammonia odor within 5 minutes and control fecal odor for a happy home.

Sustainably Yours Cat Litter

Sustainably Yours Cat Litter is biodegradable, clumps firmer and faster than conventional litter, and presents an efficient and sustainable alternative to clay. It’s approved by Jackson Galaxy, the Cat Daddy!


Suzie's CBD Drops

Suzie’s CBD Drops “Goodbye UTI” is a brand-new, functional cat tincture from Suzie’s CBD Treats. Wild Alaskan salmon oil is blended with 200 mg of USDA organic, full spectrum CBD oil, along with marshmallow root extract, cranberry extract, and dandelion root extract to help soothe UTI discomfort and help prevent reoccurrence.

Tably App Pain Scale

Tably analyzes your cat’s face and uses a clinically validated pain scale to assess if your cat may be hiding a potential health issue, allowing you to track those patterns.

Vetericyn’s Feline Facial Therapy for Cat Gifts for Health & Wellness

Use Vetericyn’s Feline Facial Therapy to remove irritants and clean in and around the eyes & nose, reduce inflammation, and soothe the itch & irritation associated with allergies.

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