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Cat Halloween Costume Ideas for People!

Choosing the perfect Halloween costume can be difficult. This year, why not show off your love of cats with one of these fun and easy cat Halloween costume ideas.

Cat Makeup Tutorial

Simply wearing black, getting some cat ears, and doing some adorable kitty inspired make-up is the most classic and cute way to be a cat for a Halloween. You can either go freestyle with a black face paint crayon or eyeliner pencil or check out Arshia Moorjani’s Easy Cat Makeup For Halloween tutorial.

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Cat Ear D.I.Y.

Get crafty and add some individuality to your cat Halloween costume by making your own set of pretty flower cat ears instead of buying them. Learn how with Dorothy Thai’s D.I.Y. video.

See more from Dorothy Thai  here

Cat Ears Hair Style

You won’t even need to buy or make cat ears for your cat Halloween costume with these two cute and easy cat ear hair styles from Kayley Melissa. The purrfect look for a super last minute cat costume!

See more from Kayley Melissa here

The Cheshire Cat Tutorial

We’re all mad (cat people) here! If you want to try a more quirky cat Halloween costume, why not be the Cheshire Cat? Despite appearing to be a more difficult look to re-create,  CleMakeUpArt’s tutorial makes it easy for you to transform into Alice in Wonderland’s quirky feline friend.

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Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Being a cat for Halloween doesn’t have to mean being a domestic cat. Show your wild side by being a leopard this year! Joanna Spicer’s easy to follow leopard makeup tutorial will have you channeling your inner wild cat in no time.

See more from Joanna Spicer here

Want your cat to join in the fun too? Try our last minute flower costume for cats!

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    its really cool ! I want to be a cat too.

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