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Does your cat like to scratch on an incline? Vertically? While lounging? Whatever her preference, the new Katris Lynks ($50) scratcher can be configured to suit your cat’s exact scratching needs (just like Tetris!). Made with super-strong, super-dense corrugated cardboard, this scratcher not only looks cool, but lasts for serious scratchisfaction!

These classic, mid-century inspired cat homes can be a cosy place for a catnap or a stylish way to hide that unsightly litter box—simply insert a litter tray. Handcrafted from sustainable wood, this eye-catching piece of cat furniture is perfectly at home in even the most stylish living room (from $200,

Spice up your cat’s siesta time with a Taco Meow Cat Bed ($48)! This culinary inspired bed comes with three catnip chili-pepper toys, and is filled with a layer of cellophane to create that quintessential taco-cracking sound. Your cat can curl up on top or within this delectable bed!

Seamlessly blending elegance with a futuristic design, the Vesper High Lounge ($180) not only pleases your cat, but is a beautiful addition to your interior design. With faux fur cushions for lounging, an observation opening for surveying, and that all-important sisal scratching post, this beauty has it all! 

{Great gift idea!} Serenity found! Shen & Sam’s hand-poured soy candles ($20) are an eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable, and American grown answer to your stress. Bliss out to the scents of lavender, chamomile, and rose, or be transported to a simpler place with island coconut. Best of all, they come in super-cute cat jars, ready to be re-purposed after use!

In First Nations’ beliefs, a totem animal is one that stays with you for life—both physically and spiritually. Doesn’t that just describe our cats? It’s only fitting, then, that they should have a beautiful totem pole all their own to lounge on, play in, and celebrate them. This totem-inspired cat tower from Square Paws is a true, handcrafted work of art ($925,

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