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Finds to thrill both you and your cat


This adorable silicone LED nightlight is a perfect room illuminator for both youngsters and the young at heart. It glows with a warm, white light but with a tap changes to multi-colour mode. $17,


If there’s one thing all cats like, it’s a clean litter box! The Litter-Robot III Open Air self-cleaning litter box uses a weight sensor and a timer to know when it needs to get to work, doing the dirty work for you so your cat has a fresh clean experience with every visit! $449,


Embrace your cat’s inner flower child with the whimsical Petals Basket bed from Dharma Dog Karma Cat. Handcrafted with Himalayan wool that is not chemically cleansed, these beds contain lanolin oil, which reminds cats of their mother and conditions their fur. And each purchase helps to support the women in Nepal who make the beds. Now that’s good karma! From $55,


Let your cat scratch, climb and ‘slide’ on this brilliantly vivid pressed wood cat scratcher from Armarkat! With its ultra-thick faux fur, your kitty will feel spoiled and adventurous. We love the 27” high model #AC2101XB! From $35,


Looking for a stylish way to let your cat in and out that fits seamlessly into your home? The SureFlap cat door can be installed into doors, walls or glass and operates using your cat’s microchip, opening only for your cat. This means that no unwelcome visitors can wander in!  $125,


Pop art phenom Romero Britto has pop-ified your favourite Disney felines! With zesty colours, bold patterns, and a hint of sparkle, these handcrafted Disney by Britto figures offer a fun new take on the classic characters. A perfectly playful addition to any room or office space. $60,

*PS We choose all of our favourite things, some of which may be affiliates of Modern Cat, which means if you purchase, Modern Cat may get something in return. Thanks for your support!

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