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Finds to thrill both you and your cat

Give your cat the private haven she deserves with P.L.A.Y.’s chic and cozy Pet Teepee. Made from pine wood poles and 100% natural cotton canvas, this hideout is the cat’s meow! Avaiable in an array of cool patterns and colours. From $75,

Give your cat a luxurious hidey-hole where he can watch the world go by in comfort. The hexagonal design of The Cat Ball creates a stylish and unusual nook with thick, padded walls—it’s the perfect spot for naps, games, and hiding away when the world just gets too much! $50,

This sleek and sophisticated bowl is more than just a pretty face. Shallow and slightly curved, the stainless steel Jackson Galaxy Eclipse Bowl is designed to reduce whisker stress. This may sound cute but when sensitive whiskers touch the sides of bowls, it can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable for your cat. This bowl fixes that! $9,

Bring the joy of climbing trees to your indoor cat! Cats will love jumping, scratching, climbing, and relaxing on an On2Pets cat tree. These gorgeous artificial trees are made from pressed wood, carpet, and silk leaves, and are available in different sizes, styles, and even with shelves. If we were cats we’d want this! From $160,

Show your cat—and your furniture—how much you love them with the Heart Scratcher from Americat Company. Made with heavy-duty cardboard, this double-sided scratcher is built for maximum durability to satisfy cats’ natural scratching instinct. $30,

Your cat will love the Way Basics’ eco-friendly Cat House and you’ll love the easy assembly and sleek design. It provides the perfect place to hang or hide, depending on your cat’s mood.  $36,

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