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4 Heavenly Hideouts for your Shy Cat

These comfortable nooks offer your cat a peaceful haven to curl up and enjoy her much needed personal space

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7 Reasons Senior Cats Make Awesome Pets

These golden oldies have so much love to give!

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Connie's Book Club

Spring/Summer 2018

Bono: The Amazing Story of a Rescue Cat Who Inspired a Community

Helen Brown

Fostering a cat can change your life. Take it from Helen Brown. She opened her heart and home to a special needs cat who became homeless following Hurricane Sandy. The experience completely transformed both of their lives. This wonderfully heartwarming recounting of love, hope, and selflessness is all about new beginnings, perfect for anyone seeking inspiration or a fresh start!

Spring/Summer 2018

Escape Claws

Linda Reilly

Dive into this page-turner of a mystery, full of clues and cats! When Lara Caphart returns to her hometown to reconnect with her estranged Aunt Fran, all she expects is to take care of her aunt and make sure Fran isn’t bullied too much by wealthy businessman Theo Barnes, who is after her house. But when Lara comes across a Ragdoll cat that resembles her childhood pet, the cat leads her to the body of Theo Barnes—who appears to have been murdered! Now, in order to clear her Aunt’s name, as well as her own, she needs to solve the mystery of who killed Theo… and this mysterious cat seems to be leaving behind clues. Who could have committed such a heinous crime? And could this cat possibly be the ghost of Lara’s old cat Blue? Full of excitement and intrigue, this is a perfect mystery for a cozy evening in!

Spring/Summer 2018

Cat Castles

Carin Oliver

If you are a crafty person and your cat loves to hang out in cardboard boxes, then “Cat Castles” is the how-to guide for you! This super fun book, chock-full of step-by-step DIY projects, will help you take cardboard boxes to the next level by transforming them into amazingly creative habitats for your best furry pal. The all-ages projects in this imaginative construction guide range from lofty castles to trendy food trucks, allowing you to flex your creative muscles. Your cat will feel like a king when he sees that his simple boxes have been magically changed into luxurious palaces!

Spring/Summer 2018

How to Think Like a Cat

Stephane Garnier

Bestselling French author Stephane Garnier has figured out what so many self-help books have not: that to find out how to live your best life, all you need to do is follow your cat’s example! Intelligent, self-assured, charismatic, and content, our amazing feline friends have mastered the art of life, interacting with the world with both wisdom and grace. In this fabulous, funny, and inspiring guide, Garnier teaches us exactly how to think like our cats do, leading the way to a life of comfort, confidence, and inner peace.



Sushi Cat Toy

Materials Needle Thread: black & white Measuring tape Scissors...


Make Your Cat a Costume

Enliven a Sunday afternoon with this easy-to-make petaled cat...


Braided Cat Collar with Tassel

Supplies needed: 5/32-inch nylon rope or cotton rope 1...

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Sushi Cat Toy

Materials Needle Thread: black & white Measuring tape Scissors...

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