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Reclaiming “Cat Lady”

Just don't call them crazy... How an army of kitty crusaders is spinning a negative stereotype on its whiskered head

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Famous Internet Cats

From keyboard playing tabbies and Cheezburger memes to the ubiquitous, frowny-faced Grumpy Cat, “celebricats” are taking the world by storm

Connie's Book Club

Spring/Summer 2019

Fur and Purr

By Craig and Erich Pearson

With collected quotes and articles from the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, The New Yorker, Sarah Silverman, and The Onion, plus hilarious tweets from everyday folks, this illustrated collection of the funniest things people have said about cats will deliver laughs and nods of recognition.

Expect profound thoughts and musings about cats, like: Why isn’t there mouse-flavoured cat food? And, do cats hate their names? As well as practical cat care tips, like writer Bud Herron’s bath time caveat: “Know that a cat has claws and will not hesitate to remove all the skin from your body.” Get ready to laugh!

Spring/Summer 2019

The Gift of Nine Lives

By Dee Ready

You’ll want to dive right in to Dee Ready’s marvelous, magic-laden take on the history of cats. The Gift of Nine Lives offers an irresistible retelling of the creation story, centered on Bastet-Net—The Great God of Cats—and the first feline created, Mosi. Downfall, revolution, revenge, and, of course, cats—it’s all in here.

Spring/Summer 2019

Jealousy Filled Donuts

By Ginger Bolton

Feline Deputy Donut is back on the case! After her owner, Emily, is blamed for bringing an exploding donut to a picnic and killing the queen of the festivities, Emily and her cat Deputy Donut must find out who the real killer is. Facing jail time and a ruined reputation, Emily must find the killer quickly before the felon finds another victim. Grab yourself a donut and a copy of this page turner!

Spring/Summer 2019

The Secret Life Of Mac

By Melinda Metz

We devoured this fun and whimsical romance! Inspired by the true story of a Kleptomaniac cat (a kitty “burglar”), this sweet story follows tabby cat MacGyver’s sneaky habits as they lead to some matchmaking for the humans in his life. It’s the perfect light and cozy read filled with romance and adorable kitty antics!

Spring/Summer 2019

Life Lessons from the Cat

By Chicken Soup for the Soul

This collection of 101 stories by fellow cat lovers will have you laughing, crying, and feeling every emotion in between. From heartwarming tales to hilarious anecdotes, this book has it all. Experience Nicole McAlister’s shock when she takes in a stray who turns out to be pregnant; follow Mark Howe as he learns to be a good husband while simultaneously attempting to make peace with his wife’s territorial cat. Make sure to keep a tissue box beside you before picking up this book—it’s a guaranteed tear-jerker.

Spring/Summer 2019

The Cats of Laughing Thunder in The New Businesses Adventure

By S.S. Curtis

This hilarious children’s book, part of the Cats of Laughing Thunder series, will delight kids aged 9 to 12 and may even encourage a few budding entrepreneurs. In this funny installment, the cats each launch a business to earn money, from a cooking show with dishes that are a bit bizarre to a “How to be Unmannerly” website, facing many hiccups along the way, this sweet entrepreneurial tale is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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Reclaiming “Cat Lady”

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