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Catify Your Life!

Cat-tastic designs to thrill both you and your cat!

Your cat will love the Oasis Kardboard Cat House hideaway from Kitty Kardboard! Made with sturdy cardboard, it’s easily assembled by simply folding and tucking. Ingenious! ($40,


The Artisan Double Wood Feeder from Bowsers Pet Products is a stylish and hand-crafted elevated feeding solution! Available in three heights, it comes with dishwasher-safe ceramic bowls too. (from $63,


Let your house panther survey their domain from the CheekyCatz Window Hammock. This minimal, stylish window-mounted lookout will be your cat’s new favourite spot! ($70,


Give your cat an outlet for instinctual scratching and encourage play with the Petkit Flying Fish Cat Scratcher featuring durable, high-quality sisal and two fish attached to springs! ($50,


Made from sustainable lanolin wool, the adorable Owl Caves from Dharma Dog Karma Cat are naturally odour-resistant, machine washable, and cats LOVE them. ($90,


Cat trees are a purrfect way to provide your cat with much needed vertical space. The easy to assemble Armarkat Classic Cat Tree features a ramp, several cozy hiding spots, and perches too! ($209,

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