Supplies Needed:

  1. Pet door
  2. IKEA PS Cabinet
  3. Metal drill
  4. Metal drill bit
  5. Metal scissors
  6. Safety glasses
  7. Safety gloves


1. Assemble the cabinet that you will be using to conceal the litter box. I used the IKEA PS cabinet.


2. All pet doors should come with a template. Cut the template out (if needed) and tape it where you would like the pet door to be on your cabinet. Using a pencil, trace around the template onto the cabinet.


3. Using a drill and a metal drill bit, drill holes into the cabinet in all four corners of the marked rectangle. Please remember to wear safety glasses and gloves.


4. Using metal scissors, cut along the traced lines. Use the drilled holes in the cabinet as a starting point. It’s okay if the lines look really messy and imperfect because the metal will be covered up by the pet door.


5. Install your pet door on both sides of the cabinet. Every pet door is different, so for this step you’ll need to follow the instructions that come with the pet door you purchased.


6. Place your litter box inside and show your cats!

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