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CATOLET is hoping to revolutionize what it means to be a pet-parent in the modern world



The litter box has undergone many advancements since its humble beginning as a tray filled with soot in the 1940s, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the amount of time, effort, and grumbling that comes with the constant scooping of the poop. Cleaning the litter box is an unfortunate necessity that comes with the amazing experience of being a cat owner, but it doesn’t have to be!  The latest iteration of the litter tray, CATOLET, is hoping to revolutionize what it means to be a pet-parent in the modern world.

‘’I have a cat,” says Chief Engineer and project co-founder, Artem Volkov. “One day, when my cat had made its dirty business I had to clean and change the refill once again. That was the last drop of my patience and I have decided to change it once and for all. My colleagues and I have found out that the majority of cat owners spent time cleaning after their beloved pets because no one has yet offered a practical solution without any expendable supplies. So, we have decided to create a fully automatic, self-cleaning potty tray for cats.”

CATOLET is a fully automatic litter tray for cats (and small-breed dogs) that does not require any litter or clean-up and connects directly to both your home’s water supply and plumbing system. While the concept of a fully automated litter box is not news in the pet industry, the operating principles behind CATOLET have never been used before. What sets CATOLET apart from their competitors? The main distinction is the conveyor belt system that is used to flush the ‘waste’ away into the sewage system. Production experts in fields such as engineering, design, and IT have all worked together on this revolutionary concept that is set to change the human-cat relationship forever!



Here’s How It Works: 

  • In 90% of cases, a plumber is NOT needed for installation. CATOLET easily hooks up to the cold-water intake from a sink, toilet, or washing machine.
  • In regards to power supply, it can be connected directly to the external power source or use the internal batter that can hold charge for up to 3 months!
  • As soon as your cat steps paw on the CATOLET, a sensor detects his presence.
  • When your cat goes Number 1, the liquid simply drains directly through the conveyor belt without leaving a single drop behind—your cat’s paws are guaranteed to stay dry.
  • When your cat goes Number 2, the sensor waits until your cat has left CATOLET and then the conveyor system moves the waste to be crushed and then washed down into the plumbing.
  • No waste is kept in a container in the device, it is immediately flushed away.
  • The conveyor belt is then automatically washed and CATOLET is ready to be used again!
  • CATOLET’s case is made from a sanitary acrylic and the conveyer belt is made of tough composite materials that are resistant to claws.

Think you can’t teach old cats new tricks? CATOLET offers a built-in training system to help kitty get used to the newly introduced bathroom situation. The training time is found to be an average of between two and 21 days. Additionally, if your cat prefers privacy when it comes to using the facilities, you can add a removable tray top that is easily attached to the device and provides a sense of security for shy kitties.

If CATOLET’s game-changing tech isn’t enough for you, it gets even better! There’s an Android and iOS supported app connected to the device that can help you get more in tune with your cat’s health and schedule. You can track the number of bathroom trips made by your cat, the intervals between visits, water usage, and other parameters that allow you to monitor the ever-important bathroom habits of your pet. The tray is also equipped with leakage sensor and alarm system that will send a message to your smart phone in case of emergency.



As well as cutting back on the ick-factor of cleaning up after your cat, CATOLET allows you to have a clean tray without any hassle or extra attention while you, the pet owner, may carry on with your daily chores. Volkov believes that, in time, CATOLET will be used in every cat-loving household, “Cleaning up after your cats in the technologically-advanced 21st century has become inconvenient. Simple, old litter boxes with the ever-demanding refill can be forgotten.” CATOLET will not only simplify your life, but also give you the much-needed extra time and money to spend on your favourite feline friend.

From November 23rd, Pre-order for the CATOLET is available on KICKSTARTER for a limited time with early-bird (the earliest backers) get special pricing, including more discounts. For more information, visit the CATOLET Campaign Page here!

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