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These entrepreneurs turned their passion for pets into thriving businesses

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Full Spectrum Wellness

This CBD company makes hand-made CBD treats and oils for a fast-growing fanbase of impressed pet lovers

“It all started in my home kitchen in 2014,” says Kat Donatello. Kat set out to simply make some supplemental CBD wellness products for her aging dog, Brady, and Lab pup Austin, but when the benefits her dogs saw were nothing short of amazing, she knew she was on to something. Kat started sharing her treats with friends and family, word spread, and a business, aptly named Austin and Kat, was born.

Kat’s tasty wellness treats, made with only the best full-spectrum and hemp-derived ingredients, have a growing fan-base of customers thrilled with the results.

“Healthier, calmer, and happier pets have been our mission from the very start. It’s a delight to receive emotional emails regarding pets and how our products have helped them. We’ve heard just about everything: how our treats have helped solve tricky problems with inflammation, pain, or anxiety,” she says.

“With expanding product lines, a growing staff, and new ideas, it’s been the journey of a lifetime. I consider myself very, very lucky.” Learn about the benefits of CBD for cats!

Find Austin and Kat’s hand-made CBD biscuits and oils for cats, dogs, and horses at


The Cat Lovers Destination

Early online adopters create a home for cat lovers to find curated, cat-tested goods you can count on your kitty to love

“As cat lovers know, cats are choosy,” laughs Carolyn Kozlowski. She should know—Carolyn and her husband Jim started My Three Cats & Co., then a Mt. Lebanon, Pa-based brick and mortar specialty cat boutique, over 20 years ago as a way to share their lifelong love of cats. When the internet gained traction in 2002, they jumped and switched to a cat-focused specialty ecommerce store in order to dedicate themselves to serving a broader cat community. Today,  serves cat lovers in the U.S., Canada, and beyond, and have even branched into podcasts.

The couple, who share a passionate commitment to cat welfare, have over four decades of combined experience in carefully curating cat products chosen to attract even the most finicky cats. Everything is cat tested.

“We feel like we’re kindred spirits with our customers because we understand how they feel about their cherished pets,” says Carolyn. “We love the people in this business, especially our cat-focused business partners and our cat-loving customers. The opportunity to serve our customers and their cats is an honour and a privilege.”

Check out the carefully curated and cat-tested collections chosen by cat lovers at


Treats with a Mission

This passion-driven pet business lightens its mission—improved dental health and adopt, spay, and neuter messaging—with the fun of cartoon characters

“Knowing that pet parents can share the love they have for their favourite character with their pets is just pretty cool,” says Kim Kolodzi.

She and her business partner, vet Ginny Bischel, are the masterminds behind Team Treatz, a company making tasty cat and dog treats stamped with the cartoon characters you know and love. Working with brands like Hello Kitty and Grumpy Cat, they license the adorable images that adorn their offerings  But don’t let the cuteness deceive you—these treats are designed to improve oral health while promoting a message that helps homeless and shelter animals, says Kim, who is also a devoted cat rescuer.

“Meeting with Warner Bros, Disney, Sanrio, Grumpy, and Peanuts and showing them our ideas and watching their reactions was the best part of this. We had a ‘they really like us’ moment! But the very best moment for me was when they all said yes to putting “adopt, love, spay, neuter” on the packaging,” she says.

The duo hand-select every supplier and vendor, choosing a 100-percent veteran-owned fulfilment house and USA toolmakers for their molds. All ingredients are USA sourced.

“It’s a culmination of 20 years in licensing and pet rescuing from me, and a 25+ years as a veterinarian from Ginny,” says Kim.

“Our treats have a purpose, but they are also fun for the pet parents to give—everyone wins!”

Find your favourite character cat treats at

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