The ‘Cats Gone Wild’ video series is a monthly round up of pets around the internet going crazy using The Ripple Rug. It began with a search for #ripplerug on Instagram, then Facebook, etc. We found that people had been posting videos all over the place. We began downloading and editing to make a single video. The result quickly grew into a monthly episode in which pet parents all take part.

Since all the video is sourced from social media, we include each users Instagram, Twitter, or user name, everyone gets a shout out in the video so to speak. We award a prize each month to the funniest/cutest/wildest video. The March video has so many cats going crazy we decided to let users pick this months’ winner. Users can comment, or send us a message to pick a favorite.

Everyone knows cats do what they want, not what you tell them to do. The ‘Cats Gone Wild’ series is a true pet showcase, nothing could be a better testimony for our product than to watch lots of pets playing and having fun. We have had appearances by ferrets, prairie dogs, and even pet rats, it’s all together addictive to watch!