Or, Secrets to Purchasing the Best Cat Tree for Your Furry Family

When shopping and comparing the various cat tree options online and in stores, do you know that the weight bearing ability of the cat tree vs. the combined weight of all your furry kids is the most important consideration? How about the next most important factor, which is to buy only from a reliable manufacturer?

The last detail at the end of the product description, called maximum holding weight, should be the first thing you look for when shopping. For now, forget about condos, swings, running ramps, colors and all the fun stuff. Concentrate on the number of cats you have times their weight. Don’t forget, if you have kittens they will soon enough become cats so figure 20 lbs. each, which is on the average-to-high side. If your final number is less than the maximum holding weight, you are good to go.

Next, make sure you are dealing with a reputable manufacturer. There are many imitators but few originators, so beware. Do your research by reading customer comments. Check satisfaction rates for a number of brands on a number of websites. Opinions from consumers like yourself are still the best gauge. A cat tree must be engineered for the resting weight of the cats, but it must also accommodate the weight of the force exerted when they run. If not, your tree can topple over, injuring your little beloveds. Suffice it to say these safety concerns about weight and stability supersede all others. A good company will stand by their products’ designs.

Finally, everyone knows you get what you pay for. If a cat tree costs too little, it is a surefire indicator of sub-par materials and poor quality. Armarkat trees have been engineered and refined for over 20 years to deliver the maximum security for your cats’ safety. With those decisions out of the way, you can have fun choosing from over 100 models with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. Do your research and you’ll find Armarkat is your best source for reliability at reasonable prices. Visit www.armarkat.com or you favorite e-tailer.

Next time, we’ll learn how size does matter when choosing the best model for them and for your available space.