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Cats – Not Cancerous

Pregnant women have been told for years to give cleaning the litter box a miss, due to the parasite Toxoplasma gondii.  Cats are the primary carriers of T. gondii, and last year, French researchers theorized that cat owners had a higher chance of brain cancer due to their exposure to the parasite. Lucky for cat lovers, a new study of British women has disproved the link between T. gondii and brain cancer, with researchers noting that cat ownership did not correlate to increased incidence of brain tumors. T. gondii can still give you toxoplasmosis, however, which is why the CDC recommends scooping that litter box daily (if you’re pregnant or immunocompromised, get someone to do this for you) – T. gondii takes at least 24 hours to become infectious.

Good news: Cats not cancerous.


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