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Let’s face it…Dealing with cat litter can be a nightmare. The smell… the mess… the expense!

At Rufus & Coco, they get it. So as cat owners and lovers, they set about creating a litter that could ease all woes. And the result is Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Cat Litter – a natural litter that is independently laboratory tested and proven to outperform all leading brands!

Here’s why Australians have grown to love Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty:

Made from Corn – a Natural, Sustainable Product free from nasties
Proven Absorbency – Wee Kitty absorbs a whopping four times its own weight in liquid! That’s six times more than paper litter, and 1 ½ times the leading competitor brand of corn litter.
Clumping Action – Quickly forms scoopable clumps after use, that stay firmly together overnight so you only remove the soiled litter, not the whole tray. Tests showed Wee Kitty retained 99% of a clump’s mass over 16 hours, unlike wood litters which lost 88% of clump mass!
Odor Control – Proven to absorb all ammonia odor within five minutes, unlike crystal litter which took 45 minutes to absorb odor.
Flushable – Safe to flush for convenient disposal – we love this feature!
Mulchable & Biodegradable – Easy disposal in your garden
Low Dusting – Unlike competitors, laboratory tests showed that only 0.4% of Wee Kitty litter passed through a dust sieve, proving that it is safe for use around family members and pets.

Wee Kitty is now available to purchase from your local Pet Specialty Stores across Canada
For more information visit: & view Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Video.


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