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Cats + Patios = Catios

Give your indoor cat a secure outdoor space

How cool is this? Design blogger Julia Konya of wanted her indoor cats Harry, Heidi, Lucy, Lilly, and Monkey to be able to safely enjoy the outdoors so she created her very own outdoor cat enclosure—and it’s awesome! Julia was inspired by the commercially available catios, but being on a tight budget, she used her keen eye for design to undertake this project on her own. Her cats’ favourite place to hang out? Right above the grill, in the hopes of getting a piece of chicken!

Q:What inspired you to build this?
A: I felt increasingly bad for our cats as they got older and wanted them to be able to enjoy the outdoors without getting into grave danger. So I started to research outdoor structures and found several companies that sell metal structures, which inspired me to build my own from materials found at the local supply store.

Q: How do your cats like it?
A: They don't just like it; they love it! They especially like to hang out by the section of the tunnel that looms over the grill. It's the perfect place for them to check out what we are cooking.

Q: How much time do your cats spend outside on their catio?
A: Our polydactyl calico Lilly actually spends most of her time lounging somewhere outside. She even wants to have her dinner outside on her catio. The others go for walks three to four times a day.

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