Next Gen Pet’s years of experience in the pet industry have all lead to the development of Cypress Fresh Cat Litter. Cypress Fresh uses a combination of green tea and a unique type of wood called “Hinoki” to suppress bacteria growth, offering superior litter box odor control.

Green tea naturally contains an astringent called CATECHIN, with antioxidant properties that works as an effective deodorant and antibacterial agent, promoting a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your pet.

The Hinoki tree is a type of cypress / cedar found in Japan and is extremely effective in suppressing the growth of bacteria and mold. Hinoki wood has been used for centuries as the go-to wood when building temples, spas and baths and naturally stands up well to humid, potentially bacteria-heavy conditions. This innate ability in combination with a relaxing, natural fragrance is why we love using Hinoki wood in your litter box.

Like all Next Gen cat litters Cypress Fresh is made from recycled, sustainable and natural materials making an eco-friendly litter that is able to control odor without the use of artificial fragrances. Our natural binders clumps into small, firm clumps, minimizing waste and allowing one bag to last one cat about 4-6 weeks. This means our litters are more economical than other conventional litters. Another benefit of Cypress Fresh is that is it light weight, 90% lighter than clay! Our low dust formula and natural ingredients has made us one of the preferred alternative litters for cats (and owners) suffering from asthma or allergies.