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The Cutest Collection of Christmas Cats!

Cats make for a holly jolly holiday season

Cute cat in a Santa outfit under the tree
Luna is looking for her next ornament to knock off the tree… there are too many to choose from!


Cat wearing a comfortable sweater
Big Papi is showing off his Christmas spirit by wearing a comfy kitty sweater!


Cute Christmas cats Cat hiding in a Christmas tree
Whoops, looks like this cute Christmas cat got caught trying to be an ornament!


cut christmas Cat under Christmas tree with bulbs everywhere
So many options of things to play with, but so little time before Felix’s mom puts them away again!


Cat ripping up wrapping paper for a Christmas present
This cat wants her Christmas presents, right meow!


Cat cuddled in a christmas tree with lights around him
We’re not sure how this cat got there, but he sure does look comfortable!


Shadow the cat hiding in a Santa hat cat house
Shadow’s been naughty and stole Santa’s hat! It sure makes a cozy hide-away though.


Cute Christmas cat wearing striped Christmas scarf
Naila is showing off her cute Christmas fashion. Better bundle up before you go outside!


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  • Donovan

    So sweet! My cat Zazou always loved to get in on the action at Christmas – Dangly things!! lmao

  • Cynthia

    Kitties! We have three this year it was “cats under the Christmas Tree” or Christmas Tree under the cats” ?

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