Mickey: The cat who raised me

Mickey: The Cat Who Raised Me 

By Helen Brown 

In this heartwarming memoir, bestselling author Helen Brown recounts her childhood growing up in a quirky household in 1960s New Zealand. 12, lonely, and feeling lost, she receives a beloved, inquisitive, and rambunctious kitten who helps her navigate the awkwardness of early adolescence. A lovely real-life story illustrating the magic of growing up with cats. 


The Cat's Meow

The Cat’s Meow

By Jonathan B. Losos 

How did domestic cats find their way into our homes? And just how closely connected are they to wild cats? Evolutionary biologist and cat lover Jonathan B. Losos explores the history and evolution of cats, examining current research to give readers a fascinating look at wild and domestic felines. 


Play With Your Cat!

Play With Your Cat!

By Mikel Maria Delgado, PhD 

If your cat seems bored or uninterested in playing, this book can help! Cat behaviour expert Mikel Delgado highlights why play is so important for cats, offering tips and tricks for engaging your cat in interactive play. This complete guide to feline play behaviour is packed with fun illustrations and valuable information that will improve your cat’s life. 


Floof Heidi Mckinnon


By Heidi McKinnon

Who doesn’t love floofy, mischievous cats?! In this hilarious and adorable storybook, written and illustrated by Heidi McKinnon, Floof has a very busy day being a cat and getting up to typical feline antics. A delightful read for young and old cat lovers alike! 


My Beloved Monster

My Beloved Monster

By Caleb Carr

Author Caleb Carr has always had special bonds with the felines in his life, but none more so than Masha, the half-wild Siberian Forest cat he rescued as a kitten. This poignant and beautiful memoir details their incomparable bond over the 17 years they shared together. An inspirational and heartwarming story of the deep feline-human bond and of navigating grief. 


Cocktails With My Cat

Cocktails with My Cat

By Natalie Bovis, Illustrated by Rae Ritchie

Learn how to make tasty drinks and discover fun feline trivia with Cocktails with My Cat! Featuring 60+ easy-to-make drink recipes, this whimsical mixology book also has chapters about rescue cats, famous cats, feline history, and cheers-worthy quotes about cats mixed in. 

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