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One of the best things about cats is how cozy they make you feel — what could be better than a good book, a cup of tea, and a snuggly cat curled up beside you? Here are some of the coziest cats we’ve seen submitted through our Photo Contest!


1) Baby

So cute how Baby is all snuggled up into her owner’s hand! – Baby submitted by Kelley M


2) Bolt

Bolt’s choice of a bed is maybe not what we would have chosen, but he sure seems to be enjoying himself! – Bolt submitted anonymously


3) Dylan

Isn’t this where we’d all rather be on a Monday morning? – Dylan submitted by Chelsey


4) Joaquin

Do you think Joaquin’s owner would mind if we borrowed both Joaquin and his tuffet for a nice cozy afternoon? – Joaquin submitted by Juli and Hunter


5) Krzysiu

Those pink paws are soooo sweet! We would love to cuddle Krzysiu!  – Krzysiu submitted by Kamila


6) Luna

Luna, aka Luna love bug, enjoys a lovely nap in a warm, cozy spot! – Luna submitted by Hannah


7) Misty

Misty looks like she would drastically improve a study session! – Misty submitted by Rachel


8) Piggy

Piggy knows better than anyone that the secret to happiness is a good night’s — or day’s — rest! – Piggy submitted by Roland M


9) Primrose

We can’t get over how adorable and snuggly this baby kitty looks here, surrounded with nothing but soft, white blankets! – Primrose submitted by Tiffany


10) Pumpkin

This is the life! – Pumpkin submitted by Dee

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