Have you ever noticed how cats tend to hang out on things? If there’s a bag on the floor, a book on a desk, or a keyboard by a computer, chances are, your cat will try to make these items into a bed. That’s where Critter Crafting Cat Mats come in.

Critter Crafting Cat Mats are hand crafted crochet pet blankets that are ideal for your kitty friend (or small dog!). Crochet Cat Mats are alluring to cats, appealing both to their inner desire to sit on things as well as their lifelong goals of the purfectly cozy nap.

Critter Crafting started in summer of 2014 as an indirect effort to support the shop owner’s favorite Gainesville animal shelter, Helping Hands Pet Rescue, and as a creative outlet for shop owner, Christine Csencsitz. Along with her incredibly crafty mother, Csencsitz began crocheting Cat Mats for Helping Hands to use in crates to keep kitties comfy and calm at adoption events, to sell at the shelter’s fundraising booths, and to give out to foster homes when new cats or small dogs entered the program. Since then, Critter Crafting has managed a hybrid operation, using portions of the proceeds to either purchase yarn for more shelter Cat Mats or to make donations to local TNR and shelter organizations.

Critter Crafting Cat Mats are handmade with machine washable yarn that only gets softer with use and wear. Cat Mats vary in size, but are generally somewhere around 12 inches by 14 inches, making them ideal for cat trees, couches, chairs, pet carriers, or wherever your kitty friend loves to lounge. While many cats take to their Cat Mats with ease, it never hurts to entice their kitty senses further with a little catnip!

For more information about Critter Crafting’s crochet Cat Mats or to browse available full-sized and baby blankets, please visit www.crittercrafting.com.

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