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Critter Crafting’s Cat Mats Are Purrfectly Comfy-Cozy!

Keep your kitty comfy and cozy this winter!

We think these one-of-a-kind crochet Cat Mats by Critter Crafting are perfect for enhancing nap time anywhere, anytime.

handmade crotchet blanket for your cat to lounge on

Kitties love to lounge in the most unusual places, and Cat Mats are a perfect tool to make sure your cat stays cozy no matter where she likes to spend her time. Place your Cat Mat on a cat tree, sofa, bed, or travel carrier – wherever your cat needs a little comfort!

handmade crotchet blanket for your cat to lounge onUnlike other blankets or mats, these adorable Cat Mats are purrfectly suited for felines. Sprayed with catnip before packaging, these mats are crocheted with pet safe, machine washable yarn that gets softer with every wash. Although most mats are roughly 15 x 15 inch squares in size (perfect for cats and small dogs), you can customize the size and colour to suit you and your cat’s personal tastes.

handmade crotchet blanket for your cat to lounge onWhat we love most about Critter Crafting’s Cat Mats? They are a purchase you can feel good about! These snuggle companions are packaged in recyclable paper, and a portion of each Critter Crafting purchase goes towards helping homeless cats and dogs. Also, this Holiday season, a portion of proceeds will go towards Greyhound rescue in South Florida to help support them as the states phases out Greyhound racing!handmade crotchet blanket for your cat to lounge on

With prices starting at $15, find Critter Crafting’s Cat Mats at https://www.crittercrafting.com/shop. You can also use our code MODERNCRITTERS for 25% off of your purchase! – JH

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