A cute bird wakes his best friend

An unlikely duo that's super cute!

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  • Cynthia Plankar

    That is just arorable

  • LIzzie

    I don’t have a cat and do love to see birds; the two together was a wonderful way to wake up myself today–love this!

  • Terri Strang

    Too cute!!!

  • Angelika Brooks

    If only humans could get along like this!

  • mary checketts

    hahahahah way too cute

  • Paul

    the chirping of a parakeet is so nice.

  • Marsha Traylor

    So adorable!

  • AL Wilson

    that is the best “awwww” video I have seen in a long time… so sweet. – hey what kind of bird is that? Looks like an all white lovebird or some kind bird from the mini parrot family?

  • Nancy Bernard

    This is so sweet! The cat is very gentle, and it is endearing to see both these sweet animals interact with each other. They truly are great friends. Thank you for sharing!

  • KatWrangler Welch

    I would love to borrow this adorable bird for a few days to wake up our kitties, like they wake us up 🙂 Licking our faces, nibbling our noses, and gnawing on our toes <3

  • AnnieLaurie Burke

    Having tried to wake sleepy kitties myself, I have to say that is one determined bird! So cute, and such a testament to how pet owners can train their pets to get along, even if, in the wild, one would be eating the other.

  • Jennifer

    That is a very dopey parakeet. I grew up with them and recognize what he is doing. He thinks the cat’s white paw & nose is a possible “love interest”. They don’t call ’em bird brains for nothing! Amazing that the cat is so chill. 🙂

  • Buggy

    A very tolerant kitty.

  • Julie

    Of course, the cat is sleepy, but I love how gentle the cat is with the bird. They’re obviously BFF’s.

  • Kathleen

    Amazing and too precious for words!

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