This adorable cat nail art is surprisingly easy to pull off, and you can customize the colors to match your own cat! So cute.

First, gather your supplies.

You will need:

A base coat color

Two nail art polishes with long thin brushes (like the ones used nail salons, which can be purchased at most drug stores). We’ve used black and green here.

Now that you are ready to go, it’s masterpiece time.

  1. Paint your nails a base color and let dry completely
  2. Take your black nail art pen and draw a straight line across the tip of your fingernail, creating enough space for eyes, and fill in the space on the tip of your nail. This will be the face of your cat.
  3. Draw two triangles on the top of the line you drew, creating cat ears. Allow the black polish to dry fully.
  4. With the green pen draw two small ovals in the head, and then, after a bit of drying time finish them off with a small slit of black down the middle of the eyeball.

Your gorgeous cat nails are now ready to share with the world (or at least your Instagram feed)!