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Cute Cats to Brighten Your Day!

Need a pick-me-up? Check out some super cute Modern Cats, guaranteed to make you smile!


Charlie: Submitted by Jo Dunstone

Charlie loves attention and cuddles! He’s 5 months old and his favourite food is fish.


Azur: Submitted by Cathy

Azur is a super fashionable guy who loves wearing clothes. His favourite pastime is watching Netflix with his humans.


Kai: Submitted by Sabrina

This little cutie loves getting into mischief and playing fetch. He just loooves Temptations!

Zephyr: Submitted by Natasha

Zephyr, AKA Baby Bear, is 5 years old and likes walks and eating.

Sheru: Submitted by Megna

Sheru is a self-described “pretty boy with sparkling green eyes. Spoiled and happy about it!”

Fiona: Submitted by Sarah

Fiona is a sweetheart who will eat anything she can get her paws on! She dislikes baths but loves sleeping on her sister.

Wyatt: Submitted by Kayla

Named after the great Wyatt Earp, this bundle of fun is a cowboy at heart.

Pie: Submitted by Bob

Pie may look grumpy but he’s really a happy guy! He likes fish, snuggles, and staring.

Jack: Submitted by Mary McKinstray

Jack is a troublemaker at heart. He likes knocking things off the coffee table and manipulating his humans.

Diesel Hook: Submitted by Kathy Hook

Diesel is a super smart cat who will sit and come on command. He loves critter-watching but hates having his naps interrupted.

Stella and Freddie: Submitted by Stephanie Hooper

Stella and Freddie love each other, but hate the mean Roomba that follows them around!

Nomic: Submitted by Meg

Nomic likes watching fish on Youtube and eating tuna flakes.


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