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Cuteness Overload! Instagram Cats You Need to Follow

1. 1Bike1World (Dean and Nala)


In September 2018, Dean Nicholson started a biking trip with the goal of biking around the world! Three months into his journey, he found a kitten lost along the Bosnia-Montenegro border and ended up taking her in and naming her Nala. Since then, they have gained a huge following on social media and their story has travelled the world. Follow them to keep up with their adventures!

2. Maple Cat

This squishy-cheeked cutie is too adorable for words. Follow for heart-melting pics and videos that will make you go “awwwwwww”; this British shorthair is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

3. Rocky on Wheels


With its mission to change how the world sees disabled cats, this Instagram account delivers all the feels. Follow along for inspiring photos and videos of super-duper-cute Rocky being his adorable self.

4. The Cat Rapper


We’re all about this account. Follow @iammoshow, creator of The Cat Rapper (Do yourself a favour and download the album Only Cat People Understand), and greatly improve your feed.

5. Cheese and Olive


This gorgeous pair of intercontinental (Sweden and LA) Abyssinian cats share photos of their beautiful, mischievous selves in stylish interiors and out and about adventuring. Follow for cute cats plus life inspiration.

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  • nashwa

    You should also follow The Ditch Kitty!

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