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Dances With Cats

New opera weaves magic with melange of ballet, opera, burlesque, and animal characters

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Michelle Doherty

Vancouver composer Allison Cociani has written an opera. It’s a beautiful new work that touches on the subject of personal strength and of forgiveness, but for animal lovers there is another aspect to the story. The opera tells the story of a girl (Alma) who glows. She has the ability to control the thoughts of others in her supernatural state and is captured by Griselda and her three evil minions. But there are other characters that come into play in this post-apocalyptic fairy tail: Alma’s friends, Wolf, Bobcat, Raccoon, Owl, and Raven are woven right into the plot and dance their way into our hearts as they assist Alma in her journey to freedom. A new ballet is born as well as a new opera, and the melange of the two arts, along with chamber orchestra and burlesque creates, magic on the stage that is not to be missed!



Metro Theatre
June 22nd to 24th ~ Showtime 8:00 pm
June 25th ~ Showtime 2:00pm

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Alma: Allison Cociani
Griselda: Martina Govednik
Kelsh: Julie Duerichen
Tesh: Katrina Goh
Vidar: Cameron Killick
Mist: Sue Korteling

Bobcat: Desirée Sunshine
Raven: Amanda Helen Collinge
Owl: Rachel Helten
Raccoon: Gillian Hogg
Wolf: Charlotte Telfer-Wan

Read the awesome coverage in the Georgie Straight!

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