It might not get any cuter than this! We adore the irony of this perfectly pink Mouse Cave by Dharma Dog Karma Cat. The perfect size and shape for cats up to 16 lbs, this little cavern is a cozy way to provide your cat a haven that feels safe and secure.  

Made through the use of non-toxic dyes and environmentally sustainable processes, this cave is a gift to feel good about. All of Dharma Dog Karma Cat’s products are handcrafted by women in Nepal and support them to maintain their work as artisans. They also offer a wide variety of these hideaway items for your cat, such as an Orca Cave, Purple Monster Cave, and even a Xmas Christmas Tree Cave for the upcoming holiday season!

What your cat will love best about this hiding spot? Its Himalayan wool. Not chemically cleansed and therefore packed full of lanolin oil, this cave will condition your cats’ paws, keep his fur shiny and reminds him of the scent of his mother. 

Bonus for you? Lanolin has anti-microbial and odor resistant properties that help to keep this mouse house clean! -JH