Stuff You’ll Need:

  • Felt (50 cents a square)
  • Leather Cording ($1.49 for 40 inches)
  • Wooden Dowel ($1.15)
  • Glue and a Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  1. First, get a wooden dowel. A diameter of ¼ inch is ideal but anything will work providing it won’t snap during play. We got ours at Home Depot for $1.15. Have them cut it for you (for free!) to about 30 inches in length. (You can cut it shorter or longer if you wish.)
  2. Next we’re going to glue the leather cording to the dowel. Cut around 40 inches of cording. (You can make the length shorter if you wish.) Then get out your glue gun and spread some hot glue around the top inch or so of your dowel. Working quickly, tightly wrap a couple inches of your leather cording around the glued end of your dowel, starting at the bottom on the glue and working towards the top end of the dowel, so that when you finish the rest of the leather cord hangs off the tip of the dowel.
  3. Now, cut your felt strips. We made ours a ½ inch wide and 12 inches long and used a total of 16 strips. Use as many or as few strips as you’d like!
  4. Fold each strip in half and cut/poke a tiny hole in the middle of each strip. Thread each strip onto the leather cording, fanning them out like a star as you go.
  5. Tie a double knot at the end of the leather cording and you’re done—it’s playtime!






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