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Doggy Proof Your Cat’s Food

When it comes to keeping a small pet’s feeding area clean and safe, Feed-Safe™ is the solution! 

A common problem in multiple pet households is the larger pet, typically a dog or older cat, eating the smaller pet’s food.  This problem is compounded when the smaller pet has a special diet.  Feed-Safe is an innovative product that solves this problem – (  In the past, multi pet households have addressed this problem by constraining the door or feeding the cat on a counter or higher place not accessible to the large pet.  With Feed-Safe, pet owners benefit from improved tidiness and hygiene and less stress during feeding times.

The Feed-Safe creates a safe haven for your smaller pet and its food by housing it within a fashionable dome that provides a secure, hassle free environment.  The Feed-Safe includes an adjustable sliding door that locks into position, allowing your smaller pet into the dome while keeping larger pets out. The dome houses two 1-quart stainless steel bowls that nest in provided recessed spaces keeping the food and water in place – no more messy floors!

The Feed-Safe has a locking lid and integral handle that makes access to the food and water bowls a breeze, and the dome is easily removed for cleaning.  A hatch door on the side lifts for a quick alternative egress if the entrance is blocked or closed for secure feeding.  Feed-Safe comes with a 2-year Full Warranty.

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