Another product review! This time we are trying out the Mystery Motion Concealed Motion Cat Toy from Pet Links. The attached video shows Dori and Lyle investigating and playing with the toy, and they both really enjoy it (this is not the first time they are using it, so you can see that there is some lasting value in the product). The Mystery Motion is created by a felt mouse attached to a rotary hub that spins around at random intervals under a light nylon blanket. 

For cats who love to hunt under blankets (like Mr. Dori here), this is a really fun toy. On many occasions, Lyle has jumped on the whole unit and layed down on top of it, stopping the mouse from moving, but the machine is resilient and always picks back up once he moves. Also featured in the video are Penny and Lincoln, who don't really get the chance to get in on the action because of their bolder brothers' exuberance. 

A fun, interactive toy that your cats might go nuts for!