From subtle intimidation to the full-blown cat-fight, tension between cats can increase stress for both the pets and family members.

But a new pheromone product is a tool families can use to help break the cycle.

“Feliway Multicat will provide hope for families with cats that do not get along: from the most subtle avoidance to even the most extreme conflict” said Dr. DePorter DVM, Dipl. ACVB “Cats that have been in conflict may never come to love each other, but by using Feliway MultiCat, cats may begin to repair or build social relationships”

Social tension between cats may impair the cat’s day to day welfare. Conflict can begin when a new cat is introduced into the home or previously amicable relationships may change when an event happens that causes one or more cats to become distressed. The cats may have an aggressive encounter and then fail to mend their relationship.

Signs of social tension and conflict between familiar cats may be obvious or quite subtle. Overt aggression may include hissing, growling, screaming, hissing, swatting, or chasing . Passive or avoidant behaviors are common too including hiding, fleeing or blocking.

Feliway MultiCat pheromone is a synthetic copy of the pheromone produced by a mother cat during lactation.  This appeasing pheromone reassures kittens and helps them bond with the mother.  This pheromone has been shown to have benefits later in life.  Feliway MultiCat pheromones is available as a plug-in diffuser with 30 day refills available. 

Within one week, Feliway MultiCat pheromone users noticed a reduction in conflict behaviors, even in households where conflict had been occurring for several years. After one month of continuous use, 84 percent of pet owners report a significant improvement in their cats’ ability to get along.

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