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Fierce Fantasy Designs: Handcrafted with Love

Buying goodies for your cat is great, but don’t forget about treating yourself! Proudly show your love of cats by wearing cat-themed accessories! Presenting Fierce Fantasy Designs: the fabulous designs handcrafted with love. Designer extraordinaire, Joanne Garcia, shared with the Modern Cat office the inspiration behind her designs.

Tell us a bit about your enamel pin of a Pickle Cat.

Fierce Fantasy Designs Pickle Cat

I love to take the concept of food and combine it with cats to create something cute and fun. This item is great for any cat lover to show their love for cats in a whimsical way. Pet owners will love this adorable pin as well as several other pins I have designed.  From boba, lemonade, pan dulce, and now a pickle cat there are lots to choose from to show off your cat-itude and love for cats.

What makes your products unique in comparison to similar products?

My products are unique in that I take time to design everything I make. I use my artistic skills and imagination to come up with creative characters. When it comes to my enamel pins, I design the pin then have it sent out to be produced. Once I receive the finished pins, I do my own quality check to make sure there are no imperfections and that they are ready to wear.

My products stand out because the art I create is unique and different with a whimsical and cute twist. I even make animations based on my characters to promote my products on Instagram and Facebook. One of my products are mini plushies called “Churro Cats” and they have their own Instagram page where I post photos and animations of my characters (you can find them here). It’s fun to add a little life to my projects. I not only design pins, I also design jewelry, accessories, illustrations, and toy plushies. People seem to enjoy my plushies so much they share them with their pets.

What are the values and goals of fierce fantasy designs?

Fierce Fantasy Designs Churro Cats

As an artist I love to create whimsical and cute art that features cats and other whimsical characters.  I get inspiration from my own cat and things I see around me. I studied art at California State University, Fullerton, and have had a career in film, tv, web and mobile games, animation, illustration, float design, and product design.  My creativity is endless, and I love working with different mediums in art and trying new things.

My goal as an artist is to create art that is fun and whimsical and for everyone to enjoy.  I love creating art that makes me happy and I hope it makes others happy too. I take great pride in what I create and make sure that quality and care goes into each one of my products.  When I ship out an item, I personally check to make sure that my customers are receiving a product I am proud to send out.  When I sell my products at conventions many people have commented how much they love what I do and encourage me to keep doing what I love.

I also care about charity organizations who help pets and often I have been contacted by those organizations to help by donating an item or two. I am always happy to help when I can, and it makes me happy to know that people enjoy my art and that it has helped cats find homes.

How can pet owners find out more about your Pickle Cat pin and other products?

You can find my enamel Pickle Cat Pin on Etsy here.

My Etsy shop is listed under the name Fierce Fantasy Designs.

In my Etsy shop you will find a variety of whimsical and colorful items from plushies, prints, and accessories that I have designed and, in some cases, handmade. The items I make are for people to enjoy and I am constantly coming up with new ideas for new products.


Make sure to follow Fierce Fantasy Designs on Facebook @FierceFantasyDesigns and Instagram @fiercefantasydesigns.

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