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Find the Best Cat Centric Gifts at Oh My Cat Shop!


We have been huge fans of Oh My Cat Shop for a while here at Modern Cat and it’s no wonder why! This awesome online store is your one-stop shop for adorable, fun and unique gifts for your cat and any cat lovers in your life (and in all honesty we never leave without a few treats for ourselves too!) From collars, toys and feeders for your cat to apparel, jewelry and décor items, there is something for every cat fanatic and their furry friends. Check out our top picks below and head over to Oh My Cat Shop to see all their cat centric products!

 Sassy Cat Underwear

Not only are these panties sassy, but they’re super comfy as well! Available in 5 hilarious cat prints, each one makes a statement of its own and even comes packaged in a gift box. These undies make for great bachelorette gifts, or for any lady in your life with a love of cats and a great sense of humour!

Alpaca Wool Toy Ball

Does your cat like to play with your wool dryer balls? Or do they like to play with your yarn as you knit? Then your cat will definitely appreciate their very own wool toy balls made from alpaca wool from a farm in Ontario, Canada. Unlike your dryer balls, these handmade toys have a fun jingle ball inside and a hint of catnip to really get your cat going. Your cat can play solo by batting the balls around or you can help them get their daily cardio fix by playing a little game of fetch (yes, some cats do play fetch!) All of the balls feature a unique marbling effect and come in a variety of colours.

Banana Peel Cat Toy

Your cat will have a blast leaving this toy around the house with the hopes that you’ll slip on it! These bananas are handcrafted with recycled materials and filled with aromatic organic catnip. They can wear it as a hat, lick it, kick it or just carry it around the house. The toys are also machine stitched and made from durable materials to withstand heavy play.

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