Petlinks® Introduces Five New Mix-N-Scratch™ Cat Scratchers With Interchangeable And Refillable Scratch Surfaces

The Mix-n-Scratch scratchers are available in five different designs and shapes with scratching surfaces that can be easily refilled or interchanged. Choices include seagrass, sisal, carpet or jute helping to ensure a cats continued interest.

It turns out that scratching cats are not just intent on destroying that new living room couch. Cats scratch for two primary reasons. One is to sharpen claws by removing their dead outer layer and the other is to mark their territory. Scratching not only leaves visual cue for other cats to see, it also leaves behind a scent excreted from glands in their paws. This natural instinct is the reason that Petlinks has designed a line of Mix-n-Scratch interchangeable and refillable scratchers designed to channel this natural behavior into a less destructive and more acceptable part of normal cat conduct. 

“All cats are scratchers, some more so than others,” said Rob Morgan Chief Operating Officer for Worldwise.  “The Mix-n-Scratch offers a line of different designs and shapes that are suited for different cat tastes as well as use in different parts of your house. The interchangeable surfaces can be easily switched to help maintain cat interest in the scratcher over time. All you have to do is add a little of the included Pure Bliss catnip and then watch your cat scratch to their hearts content.”  

The Mix-n-Scratch Ramp ($27.99) is an angled wooden structure that is both strong and stable enough to handle the rigors of the most serious scratchers. The scratching surface is attached using hook and loop material making it a simple process to replace a well scratched surface with a new or different one. The Mix-n-Scratch Ramp measures 15.25” x 7” x 6.875” and features a sleek modern design that will make it a welcome addition to almost any decor.

The Mix-n-Scratch Arch, ($27.99) a refillable scratch and groom arch, also features sturdy wooden construction. Its exterior is covered with an interchangeable scratching surface while the interior is covered with special grooming bristles that help control shedding. The Mix-n-Scratch Arch measures 14.625” x 7.5” x 7.75” and also includes a dangling feather toy that encourages play.

The Mix-n-Scratch Post ($39.99) is a dual sided flat post that provides two refillable scratching surfaces. Busy scratchers will also enjoy the stimulation provided by the attached feather toy. The Mix-n-Scratch Post measures 12” x 7.5” x 17.5” and like all Mix-n-Scratch scratchers a package of Pure Bliss organic catnip.

The Mix-n-Scratch Door Hangar ($16.99) is designed with a rope loop that makes it easy to hang on any door handle. It measures 1” x 6.5” x 25” and features a snap-in catnip toy that makes scratching even more fun.

The Mix-n-Scratch Mat ($22.99) includes a side-by-side refillable scratch surface and a comfy sherpa pad making it the perfect place to hangout and catch a nap after some vigorous scratching. It measures 21” x 15.75” x 1” and also includes an attached feather toy for even more excitement.

Each of these Mix-n-Match scratchers can easily be refilled with any one of the four different surfaces available. They include Seagrass, Sisal, Carpet and Jute. The ability to refill and interchange the scratching surfaces makes it easier than ever to offer the variety that satisfies a cat’s instinctual need to scratch.

“As with all of our products these scratchers are designed to fit your pet’s specific needs,” added Morgan. “They are a part of the Petlinks System that is comprised of a variety of different products that are designed to meet the emotional, instinctual and physical needs of a cat.”

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