Ah, the litter box, the most disliked aspect of cat guardianship. The mess, smell, the space it takes up—all largely unavoidable… until now. Meet the patented, ingenious solution that solves common litter box woes by booting the box outside. 

A new product called Privy Kitty ($400) provides an outdoor litter box for indoor cats. In doing so, it eliminates all the undesirable elements that come with having a litter box inside your home. Here’s how it works.

Privy Kitty mounts securely to the exterior of your house. All that is required is a small hole in an exterior wall, like that needed for a cat flap or doggie door. (Unless you’re a DIY-er, they recommend a handyman for the job and estimate it will take about an hour to install.) Your cat then passes through your interior wall and arrives inside the litter station box where they do their business. A mat and vapor flap keeps the smell, litter, and dust outside so your indoor space remains fresh and odour-free! Cleaning the Privy Kitty is simple and easy—just walk outside your house, open the lid to the litter station, and clean as usual. Privy Kitty lets you keep the litter box outside and your home clean while keeping your cat safe—what could be better? 

Find it at privykitty.com

This article originally appeared in the award-winning Modern Cat magazine. Subscribe today!