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Furkids (and human kids) bored?

Feel like you and all your housemates have been trapped inside for…well, forever? Are the kids –both the human and furry ones—fed up and fidgety? Got a minute? Here’s something to keep everyone entertained at least a for little while.

For our feline friends

Create cat furniture. Provide cat furniture for climbing and romping. You can buy ready-made cat trees and other furniture, but you don’t have to go that route. Some cats are just as happy with cardboard boxes and paper bags to investigate and play in. There are many terrific websites with instructions for making your own cat furniture; simply do a search for “how to make cat furniture.” 

Grow catnip: To treat your cat to fresh catnip, grow it yourself. Try catnip-filled toys too. 

Plant wheat grass: Grow wheat grass for your cat to chomp on. You can purchase pet wheat-grass kits either online or at pet supply stores. 

Install a bird feeder: Place a bird feeder outside a window where your cat can watch the birds. 

Buy or build a feline window perch: To offer your cat a better view and a spot to sunbathe, buy a window perch or make one yourself. 

Here are a couple more activities that you may enjoy doing with either cats or dogs

Read to your pet: Read aloud or sing to your cats, and have your children join in. 

Teaching your pet tricks: Both cats and dogs can learn tricks, like “sit” and to come when called, using treats as a reward. The best method for doing this is clicker training

Read more at the Best Friends website!

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