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Furocious Kitty Cat Collars

Furocious Kitty



Embraced the spirit of the holidays yet?

We certainly have. Here at Modern Cat we’re sipping on hot apple cider, eating festive treats, and looking for adorable holiday gear for our furry family members – we can’t enough of these festive cat collars from Furocious Kitty! With a variety of styles to choose from, Furocious Kitty’s collars are great way to get your cat donning his gay apparel.



Furocious Kitty

These unique, handcrafted collars are designed with charm and functionality in mind. Made primarily with cotton, these collars have a curved safety release buckle that will breakaway if your kitty gets caught on a branch (of a Christmas tree) or similar items. These cat collars are typically 3/8” wide, but smaller and larger sizes are available upon request. A matching tri-glide is situated on the collar for easy adjustment, and a removable D ring and (jingle) bell come attached as well.



Even if you’re not in a holiday mood, there’s still an amazing selection of fun and stylish collars available through Furocious Kitty to keep your cat looking fresh year-round.

Priced around $14, check out Furocious Kitty’s amazing selection on Etsy! – JH

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