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Go Green With Kitty This Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with your kitties by embracing eco-friendly practices that help you shrink your ecological pawprint. First, you could consider switching to a non-clay kitty litter, and look into composting the litter after you scoop. We make sure to have a compostable bag nearby to help with the kitty litter (we picked up some of the Earth Rated Poop Bags from our dog-loving friends and they are just amazing).  

Other ways to go green with kitty? Think of taking matters into your own hands – literally. Consider a DIY toy made out of odds and ends or you can whip up a batch of organic kitty treats. Furthermore, remember that if your cat goes outdoors, she can come into contact with dangerous pesticides – just remember that just because something is labeled green, doesn't mean that they are safe for your purring pal.

If you want to take it to the next level, remember that a high-quality food can literally be a lifesaver for your cat – and help out the planet while you're at it. Make greener choices when buying a pet bed – consider the eco-friendly materials on offer at places like West Paw Design and Imperial Cat. (It amazes us what you can make out of recycled plastic these days.)

It's easy to go green with your cat – it's often just a matter of making a new habit. We here at Modern Cat commend your eco-endeavour and hope you share your best go-green tips with us!

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